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Offering innovative copacking concepts since 1978.

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est. 1978

Top Notch Customer Service.

COMARCO Products offers our co-pack customers an opportunity to form long term strategic partnerships. We offer transparency on pricing and have a long record of customer retention.

We accomplish this by a top notch customer service record, along with a committed long term work force which adds to our quality commitment. COMARCO offers a convenient Florida location that offers nation wide logistics service and supply chain optimization.

A Family Company, Steeped in Superior Standards

Comarco Products strives to meet the highest standards of Food Safety and Quality, and thus our plant is SQFI inspected, as well as FDA compliant.

co-packing &
private labels

Since 1978, we have offered a long term supplier and vendor relationship that is built on the principles of ethics, trust, transparency, and food safety.

an honest team
that cares

We have a long record of customer retention based on the honesty we provide with our pricing. We boast a top notch customer service record, in conjunction with a long term work force, which acts as the backbone for our quality commitment.

state of the art

We utilize state of the art equipment in order to create the best product possible. IQF Freezers, USDA EST #17555, and par fry capability are all incorporated into our high functioning frying and co-packing system.