COMARCO Products offers our co-pack and premier private label customers an opportunity to form long term strategic partnerships. We have incorporated these services since 1978 in our privately owned and operated plant. We offer a long term supplier and vendor relationship which is built on the principles of ethics, trust, transparency, and food safety.

In terms of transparency we have a long record of customer retention based on the honesty we provide with our pricing. We boast a top notch customer service record, in conjunction with a long term work force, which acts as the backbone for our quality commitment. This work force is housed in a convenient New Jersey location that offers nation wide logistics service and supply chain optimization.

Besides being a brand that you can trust and rely on, COMARCO Products utilizes state of the art equipment in order to create the best product possible. IQF Freezers, USDA EST #17555, and par fry capability are all incorporated into our high functioning frying and co-packing system.